Max Trainer MT8000

Product Description

This premium Max Trainer machine offers variety to the cardio floor for HIIT and steady-state workouts. Simple to use, with no adjustments, it accommodates all exercisers with 10 levels of intensity, dual resistance via a fan and magnetic brake and MultiGrip handlebars. The signature 14-minute Max Interval workout demands 25 seconds of maximum effort, followed by 80 seconds of recovery, for eight invigorating rounds. The Floors program facilitates steady-state challenges as exercisers climb 100-1000 floors, watching their progress, story by story. For premium interactivity, the 10-inch smart console offers entertainment, internet access and dynamic workout feedback, along with an upgraded calorie meter that motivates users to maximize their efforts. For even more options, the MT8000 can accommodate an optional personal viewing screen or a 900 Mhz wireless receiver. Exercisers benefit from effective, efficient conditioning in a low-impact format that keeps them feeling good, achieving goals and coming back. The space-efficient, durable Max Trainer MT8000 is easy to own and built to deliver reliable operation in demanding commercial facilities.


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