Max Trainer

Product Description

This new total-body HIIT machine delivers rigorous workouts that fuel results in functional training, small group workouts and on the cardio floor. Simple to use, with no adjustments, it accommodates all exercisers with 10 levels of intensity, and virtually unlimited progressive resistance via a fan and magnetic brake. The signature 14-minute Max Interval workout demands 25 seconds of all-out effort, followed by 80 seconds of recovery, for a total of eight invigorating rounds. Exercisers benefit from effective, efficient metabolic conditioning in a low-impact format that keeps them feeling good, achieving goals and coming back. Plus, with the Max Circuit program, the console individually calculates time and intensity for each user, automatically resetting to zero in between exercisers, to facilitate rapid-fire circuit training in a group. Users just get on and go, and the machine responds instantly, with no programming or ramp-up time necessary. For greater variety, Octane's trademark CROSS CiRCUIT program combines cardio intervals on the machine with strength-training exercises on the floor. Exercisers use PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells or body weight for resistance work, and routines are customizable with varied intervals, multiple exercises and additional accessories. The Max Trainer offers several hand placement options on the ergonomic handlebars to fully engage the upper body. And the calorie meter provides instant feedback on calories burned per minute, which encourages exercisers to push their pace to achieve more. The self-powered, compact Max Trainer requires minimal maintenance, and is built to deliver quality, durable operation in demanding commercial facilities.


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