Product Description

The Zero Runner ZR7000 replicates real walking, jogging and running motion but without any stressful impact to the body. A true, non-impact alternative to a treadmill, the Zero Runner uses independent hip and knee joints to mimic human biomechanics without a fixed stride, so exercisers can walk with a shorter stride or run with strides up to 58 inches. Using the same muscles as running, including a full heel kick, exercisers on the Zero Runner replicate natural movements outside -- without the pounding. Exercisers can cross train with CROSS CiRCUITĀ®, which combines cardio with strength and flexibility exercises for greater overall conditioning. The Zero Runner can be equipped with the smart console, which includes unique stride tracing technology so users can correct imbalances as necessary. With no belt, deck, or cord, the Zero Runner is whisper-quiet and simple to own and maintain.



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