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Available on multiple models of Octane Fitness equipment, CROSS CiRCUIT® combines cardio intervals with strength training exercises adjacent to the machine for effectiveness and efficiency .The machines come with PowerBlock® dumbbells, which adjust from either four to 32 pounds or five to 50 pounds each, an integrated PowerBlock stand and optional stationary side steps, which exercisers can use to isolate the upper body. In the Group program, a personal trainer determines the duration of the cardio and strength cycles, as well as the specific strength training exercises and order in which they are performed. Traditional and functional strength exercises can be done using the PowerBlocks, additional accessories or body weight. During the strength sets, the elliptical tracks time and an estimated caloric expenditure, affording full credit for the work on the side steps or floor. The Solo routine enables exercisers to personally select the cardio interval time, and the elliptical prompts them to perform 8-20 repetitions of a strength exercise before returning to cardio. Individuals can choose their own combination and sequence of exercisers to meet their goals, or personal trainers can design specific programs for clients to complete in the Solo sessions. The smart console provides strength exercise suggestions and features video coaching that shows proper form. CROSS CiRCUIT enables health clubs to turn their cardio floors into a revenue-generating area, fueling small group training and one-on-one personal training sessions.


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