Product Description

The revolutionary ZR8000 is a hybrid of a treadmill and an elliptical that reinvents walking, jogging and running by eliminating the repetitive, stressful impact on the body that can compromise form, cause fatigue and lead to injuries. Independent hip and knee joints customize walking, jogging or running motion up to 58 inches and enable users to truly replicate natural running motion with a full heel kick to activate the posterior muscles, just like running outside. Octane’s exclusive CROSS CiRCUIT® routine combines cardio intervals on the Zero Runner with strength and stretching exercises off the machine to correct muscular imbalances, build overall strength and increase flexibility. The ZR8000 comes with a standard console that features a large LED screen with integrated capacitive buttons, or a smart console with a 10” capacitive touch screen, web browsing, video streaming, phone charging and a fan. With the smart console, unique stride tracing technology enables users to monitor their stride throughout workouts for stronger form and better results. Personal viewing screens or 900Mhz also are available.



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