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Totally intuitive, the AirdyneX accommodates beginners to athletes. Featuring a 26-blade performance fan and a responsive, single-stage belt drive, the bike delivers virtually unlimited resistance and maximum efficiency by converting an exerciser’s effort to intensity. Because the fan enables exercisers to produce more power efficiently, they burn more calories on the AirdyneX compared to other fan bikes at the same RPM. Ideal for the cardio floor, functional training areas and small group training sessions, the AirdyneX includes effective HIIT workouts, with a 20/10 interval program, a 30/90 interval regimen and a custom interval routine. Calibration technology delivers accurate and consistent results from bike to bike, so the AirdyneX is ideal for group challenges or competitions. With a compact footprint; cordless operation; moisture-repellent, double-coated steel construction; and a full commercial warranty, the premium AirdyneX is simple to own and adds value to every facility.


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